> Certified Specialists SBA in Labour Law

Lawyers holding the title of a “Certified Specialist SBA Labour Law” are qualified experts in the field of Labour Law.

In order to facilitate the search for a qualified lawyer for persons seeking legal advice, the Swiss Bar Association SBA introduced in 2006, with the title of a “Certified Specialist SBA”, a new quality label in the fields of Labour Law, Inheritance Law, Construction and Real Estate Law, Family Law as well as Torts and Insurance Law.


The title “Certified Specialist SBA Labour Law” may be obtained only by a lawyer meeting defined requirements. Apart from an above-average experience in the area of Labour Law and several years of professional experience as a lawyer, it is necessary to accomplish an intensiv and practice-oriented continuing  education followed by a written exam and a colloquium. Subsequent to obtaining the title, certified specialists must furthermore undergo a regular continuing education.

Certified Specialists SBA in Labour Law